UCL Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security Research


Jens Groth - Director, Principal Investigator

Research Portrait: Non-interactive zero knowledge proofs, efficient enough to be used in practice





Earl Barr  - Research Portrait





David Clark






Brian Collins





Peter Coveney






Byron Cook






Nicolas Courtois

Research portrait: Algebraic cryptanalysis is not the best way to break something, but sometimes it is the only option because you don't have enough data for other types of attacks





George Danezis 

Research Portrait: Smart grid privacy, peer-to-peer and social network security 






Emiliano De Cristofaro

Research Portrait: Developing systems using efficient cryptographic protocols for privacy-preserving information sharing 




Mark Handley







Kyle Jamieson







Brad Karp






Jens Krinke







Sarah Meiklejohn - Security and Cryptography





Steven Murdoch - Privacy and Financial Security








Mirco Musolesi - Research Portrait





Peter O'Hearn

Research Portait: Understanding concurrent programs and cybersecurity







David Pym

Research portrait: Conceptual, economic, and mathematical modelling of the incentives, costs, and values of information security policies, processes, and technologies 





Angela Sasse 

Research portrait: Forging the strongest links - Designing Usable Security that works with and for, rather than against, users and their organisations






 Gianluca Stringhini - Cyber criminal operations and developing systems to defend against them





Shi Zhou


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