ACE Seminar: So, how hard is this LWE thing, anyway?

Speaker: Martin Albrecht

Date/Time: 07-May-2015, 15:00 UTC

Venue: MPEB 1.02


The Learning with Errors (LWE) problem has become a central building block of modern cryptographic constructions. We will present an overview of hardness results for concrete instances of LWE. In particular, we will discuss algorithms proposed in the literature and give the expected resources required to run them. We consider both generic instances of LWE as well as small secret variants. Since for several methods of solving LWE we require a lattice reduction step, we also review lattice reduction algorithms and propose a refined model for estimating their running times. We also give concrete estimates for various families of LWE instances, provide a Sage module for computing these estimates and highlight gaps in the knowledge about algorithms for solving the Learning with Errors problem.

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