ACE Seminar: Privacy, Security, and Energy in Modern Clouds. Three Buzzwords in A Boat: The Amusing Adventures of a Naive Academic on Wall Street

Speaker: Radu Sion

Date/Time: 06-Nov-2015, 15:00 UTC

Venue: MPEB 6.12 3-4pm



In this talk we explore the economics of cloud computing in general and outsourcing your virtual machines in particular. We identify cost trade-offs and postulate the key principles of outsourcing that define when cloud deployment is appropriate and why. We also briefly touch on several main cyber-security aspects that impact the appeal of clouds. The results may surprise and are especially interesting from a cost and energy point of view. 

“Green” and its “low power” cousin are the new hot spots in computing.In cloud data centers, at scale, ideas of deploying low-power ARM architectures or even large numbers of extremely “wimpy” nodes [5, 33] seem increasingly appealing. Skeptics on the other hand maintain that we cannot get more than what we pay for and no free lunches can be had. In this white paper we explore these theses and provide insights into the power-performance tradeoff at scale for ARM architectures. We quantify the cost/performance ratio precisely-enough to allow for a broader conclusion. We then offer an intuition as to why this may still hold in 2030.

Yet, who cares? We'll explore the often amusing adventures of a restless soul in pursuit of practical applications of strong security mechanisms in enterprises and beyond.


Dr. Radu Sion is a Professor at Stony Brook University, the Director of the National Security Institute, and the CEO of Private Machines Inc. Dr. Sion's research is in Cyber Security and Large Scale Computing. He has published 85+ peer reviewed works in top venues, and has organized 65+ conferences. Dr. Sion has received the National Science Foundation CAREER award for his work on cloud computing security.
Dr. Sion has worked with and received funding from numerous industry and government partners, including the US Air Force, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the US Army, the Inteligence ARPA, the Office of Naval Research, Northrop Grumman, IBM, NOKIA, Motorola, Xerox Parc, Microsoft, SAP, CA Technologies, the National Science Foundation, and many others.

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