ACE Seminar: Advanced online tracking: A look into the past and the future

Speaker: Gunes Acar

Date/Time: 24-Nov-2016, 17:00 UTC

Venue: Gordon Street(25) - Room D103



We will present an overview of three recent studies on advanced web tracking mechanisms, namely browser fingerprinting, evercookies and cookie syncing. These tracking mechanisms can be differentiated from their conventional counterparts (e.g. cookies) by their potential to circumvent users' tracking preferences, being hard to discover and resilient to removal. We give an overview of results from a large-scale analysis of font-based fingerprinting (CCS'13), canvas fingerprinting, evercookies and cookie syncing (CCS'14). Moreover, we present our work on HTML5 Battery Status API (DPM'15), which highlighted the privacy risks associated with the API. We conclude by discussing potential future work on online tracking technologies.



Gunes Acar is a doctoral researcher in the COSIC research group in University of Leuven. Gunes works on privacy technologies with a focus on online tracking and browser fingerprinting.

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