InfoSec Seminar: Automata learning - infinite alphabets and application to verification

Speaker: Dr Alexandra Silva

Date/Time: 01-Dec-2016, 16:00 UTC

Venue: Gordon Street(25) - Room 505



The area of automata learning was pioneered by Angluin in the 70's. Her original algorithm, which applied to regular languages and deterministic automata, has been extended to various types of automata and used in software and hardware verification. In this talk, we will take an abstract perspective at automata learning. We show how the correctness of the original algorithm and many extensions can be captured in one proof using coalgebraic techniques. We also show that a novel algorithm for nominal automata (which are automata over infinite alphabets) can be derived from the abstract framework. The new algorithm has applications to verification of cryptographic protocols.


The biography can be find here.

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