InfoSec Seminar: Designing Digital Cultures For Preferable Futures

Speaker: Gerard Briscoe

Date/Time: 26-Jan-2017, 16:00 UTC

Venue: Gordon Street (25) Room 505



Digital can be considered a marker of culture, intertwined with artefacts and systems of communication that most clearly demarcate our contemporary way of life. Distinct phenomena of these digital cultures have emerged, including the shrinking of physical distance and the dissolution of material reality. They encompass ways of thinking and doing that are embodied within digital technologies, which are often tech-centric dominated. We can therefore consider the potential of designing digital cultures to explore creating preferable futures, rather than probable tech-centric ones. For example, blockchains have potential to underpin the establishment of transformational digital cultures. Including, distributed identity provision, verifiable data, micro-lending, smart contracts and others. However, to realise the potential properties of blockchains, such as transparency and immutability, requires suitable approaches to their usability. So, we consider the design of blockchains for usable transparency, highlighting the design considerations of blockchain cultures for preferable futures.


Dr Gerard Briscoe is a Research Associate in Information Security, Department of Computer Science, University College London. He specialises in interdisciplinary research at the fringe of the computing sciences with design practices. He is interested in designing Digital Cultures, the practices and socio-cultural meanings of emerging digital technologies, to create preferable futures.

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