InfoSec Seminar: Designing Web with Privacy

Speaker: Dr Lukasz Olejnik

Date/Time: 22-Sep-2016, 16:00 UTC

Venue: MPEB 1.02



For majority of users, web browser is the most important computer application. Over the last decade, web browsers replaced many specialized computer applications. Increasingly complex and rich features standardized and built into web browsers are an exciting norm. New browser features introduce interesting privacy challenges for standardization, research and development. In my talk, I describe privacy analyses of a number of web browser mechanisms. I discuss frequently resurfacing issue of web browsing history leaks and the resulting consequences. I detail modern and advanced web browser functionalities allowing to (1) access information about the user’s system, such as the ability to read the device’s battery level, and (2) access the details about the user’s behaviour and his direct surrounding, using sensors. Increasingly complex data provided by web browsers may mean that privacy impact assessments will be the standard in web application development.


Lukasz completed his Computer Science PhD at INRIA (Grenoble, France), prior to that he worked at Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, and CERN. His research interests include information and computer security and privacy, especially as applied to online interactions with a special emphasis on the web, user data disclosure and dissemination problems and privacy-sensitive matters related to Web browser functionalities, as well as web security. In his research, he analysed user tracking and profiling on the Web. Examples include studies of web history leaks, as well as privacy and transparency analysis of Real-Time Bidding. In 2013, he received a Google Scholarship. He works on privacy engineering.
Lukasz published his works in multiple venues, such as NDSS, ESORICS, WEIS and Phys Rev. He has publications spanning fields such as quantum cryptography, security and privacy. He authored a number of influential projects related to privacy. His works contributed to how Web browsers work.
Lukasz is a World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Invited Expert where he works on privacy aspects of web standards.

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