InfoSec Seminar: Digital Forensics: Retrieving Evidence from Mobile Devices

Speaker: Dr Panagiotis Andriotis

Date/Time: 19-May-2016, 16:00 UTC

Venue: Roberts 110



Almost four decades have passed since humans made the first attempt to carry out a telephone call using a cellular network and a mobile device [1]. Mobile technologies became intrusive through the years and, nowadays, devices like smartphones, tablets and wearables are considered to be integral parts of our daily lives. Given that each mobile device is primarily used by a single person, it is apparent that these devices gather a treasure of personalised information produced by their users [2]. Kaspersky labs suggest at their latest report [3] that 88% of users store private or personal information on digital devices. Without a doubt, these kinds of data reflect the users’ actions and are very important to digital forensics analysts and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA). This talk will present basic principles for data acquisition from mobile devices that run the Android operating system and will discuss data analysis practices.


[1] J. Cohen, “Embedded speech recognition applications in mobile phones: Status, trends, and challenges,” in Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 2008. ICASSP 2008. IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, 2008, pp. 5352–5355.

[2] D. He, S. Chan, and M. Guizani, “Mobile application security: malware threats and defenses,” Wireless Communications, IEEE, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 138–144, 2015.


[3] KASPERSKY lab, “Consumer security risks survey. from scared to aware: Digital lives in 2015,” August 2015. [Online]. Available: Lab_Consumer_Security_Risks_Survey_2015_ENG.pdf

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