InfoSec Seminar: Evaluating and Configuring Location Privacy Protection Mechanisms

Speaker: Vincent Primault

Date/Time: 26-Oct-2017, 16:00 UTC

Venue: Roberts 508



In the past years, many protection mechanisms have been proposed as a response to the increasing threats related to location privacy. However, the wide variety of both threats and protection mechanisms makes it difficult for final (i.e., non-expert) users to wisely choose the most appropriate protection mechanism and configure it correctly. In this presentation, we introduce a methodology to evaluate and compare protection mechanisms, as well as a framework, ALP, to dynamically and adaptively configure these protection mechanisms in use cases were users are regularly sending small batches of data to a location-based service (e.g., a crowdsensing application). ALP is shown to produce good-quality configurations, i.e., close to the optimal ones that would be chosen by expert researchers, and adaptive, i.e., configurations which evolve as the behavior of the user changes.


Vincent Primault is post-doctoral researcher at UCL. He previously was a PhD student at Lyon, France, at the LIRIS laboratory. He worked during four years on location privacy issues and related threats.

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