ACE Seminar: Inonymous: Anonymous Invitation-Based System

Speaker: Sanaz Taheri Boshrooyeh

Date/Time: 31-Jul-2017, 12:00 UTC

Venue: Roberts 309



In invitation-based systems, a user is allowed to join upon receipt of a certain number of invitations from the existing members. The system administrator approves the new membership if he authenticates the inviters and the invitations, knowing who is invited by whom. However, the inviter-invitee relationship is privacy-sensitive information and can be exploited for inference attacks: The invitee's profile (e.g., political view or location) might leak through the inviters' profiles. To cope with this problem, we propose Inonymous, an anonymous invitation-based system where the administrator and the existing members do not know who is invited by whom. Inonymous is efficiently scalable in the sense that once a user joins the system, he can immediately act as an inviter, without re-keying and imposing overhead on the existing members. We also present InonymouX, an anonymous cross-network invitation-based system where users join one network (e.g., Twitter) using invitations of members of another network (e.g., Facebook).


Sanaz Taheri Boshrooyeh is a third year Ph.D. student of computer science at Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey. She works as a joint research assistant at Cryptography, Security, and Privacy, Research Group and Network Distributed Systems Laboratory under the supervision of professor Alptekin küpçü and professor Öznur Özkasap. She got her BSc in Computer Software Engineering from Shiraz University, Iran, 2013. Her field of research is Security and Privacy in Online Social Networks. She is currently working on a system for Privacy Preserving Advertising in Social Networks and collaborating in a joint project between KOC University, Turkey and Salzburg University, Austria (supported by European Union COST Action IC1306), on the Security Assessment of Aggregation Protocols in Smart Grids.

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