InfoSec Seminar: Rounded Gaussians - Fast and Secure Constant-Time Sampling for Lattice-Based Crypto

Speaker: Kit Smeets

Date/Time: 15-Feb-2018, 16:00 UTC

Venue: Main Quad Pop-Up 102



This paper suggests to use rounded Gaussians in place of discrete Gaussians in rejection-sampling-based lattice signature schemes like BLISS or Lyubashevsky’s signature scheme. We show that this distriution can efficiently be sampled from while additionally making it easy to sample in constant time, systematically avoiding recent timing-based side-channel attacks on lattice-based signatures. We show the effectiveness of the new sampler by applying it to BLISS, prove analogues of the security proofs for BLISS, and present an implementation that runs in constant time. Our implementation needs no precomputed tables and is twice as fast as the variable-time CDT sampler posted by the BLISS authors with precomputed tables.

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