ACE Seminar: Technology Transfer from Security Research Projects: A Personal Perspective

Speaker: Prof N Asokan

Date/Time: 03-Nov-2016, 16:00 UTC

Venue: Gordon Street (25) - Maths 505



Taking research results from the lab to the real world is a challenge in any field. Security research is no exception. In this talk, I will describe several security research projects that my colleagues and I have participated in during my stint in industrial research laboratories. For each project, I will describe the motivations that led to the project, briefly outline the technical solutions we came up with and discuss our experience in trying, and occasionally succeeding, to transfer research results from these projects for productization and deployment. From these experiences, I will attempt to draw some lessons for technology transfer of security research results.


N. Asokan is a professor at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. Prior to joining academia, he spent over 15 years in industrial research with Nokia and IBM. His research interests center on understanding how to build systems that are simultaneously secure, easy to use and inexpensive to deploy. Asokan directs the Helsinki Aalto Center for Information Security ( and is the lead academic PI for Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Secure Computing in Finland ( He is an ACM
Distinguished Scientist, and received his education at the University of Waterloo, Syracuse University and IIT Kharagpur. More information on Asokan's work is available at his website.

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