ACE Seminar: Toward Controlling Malicious Users in Online Social Platform

Speaker: Anna Squiccarini

Date/Time: 27-Apr-2017, 13:00 UTC

Venue: Roberts 309



This talk will discuss social science and computational methodologies to build a socio-computational framework that takes an intelligence-driven approach to the problem of users’  online misbehavior. We discuss   models aiming at  modeling influence and dynamics of   both  normal and deviant users   in online  networks – including crowdsourcing sites. We   present results  from our studies,   with  focus on  our online deviance (e.g. cyberbullying)  as well as our work in the domain of malicious behavior in crowdsourcing sites.   We conclude with an outlook at our unsolved research challenges in the space of detection of deviant behavior and oversharing. 


Dr. Squicciarini  is  an Associate Professor in the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) at the Pennsylvania State University. Prior to joining Penn State, she was a post-doctoral fellow at Computer Science Department of Purdue University.  Squicciarini’s research interests are in the area of data security and privacy, with
emphasis on access control mechanisms. Squicciarini’s work has been funded by industry and various funding agencies, including grants from the National Science Foundation (and a CAREER Award, 2015), Air Force,
and Army Research Office. Squicciarini authored more than 70 contributions as papers in international conferences and journals, and chapters in international books.

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