InfoSec Seminar: Working with the media

Speaker: Steven Murdoch

Date/Time: 30-Nov-2017, 16:00 UTC

Venue: Roberts 508



Why should researchers work with mass media, and how can they ensure that the engagement will be positive for all concerned? This talk will discuss how researchers can benefit through collaborating with journalists, whether to disseminate the results of their own research or to comment on the work of others. I will present some guidelines for productively communicating with journalists, and how to mitigate risks. I will illustrate these points by giving examples from my own work work the media, where things have worked well and also how things might have been improved.


Dr Steven J. Murdoch is a Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Information Security Research Group of University College London, working on developing metrics for security and privacy. His research interests include authentication/passwords, banking security, anonymous communications, censorship resistance and covert channels. He has worked with the OpenNet Initiative, investigating Internet censorship, and for the Tor Project, on improving the security and usability of the Tor anonymity system. His current research on developing methods to understand complex system security is supported by the Royal Society. He is also working on analysing the security of banking systems, especially Chip & PIN/EMV, and is Innovation Security Architect at VASCO. He is a Fellow of the IET and BCS.

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