ACE Seminar: Facebook (A)Live? Are live social broadcasts really broadcasts?

Speaker: Gareth Tyson

Date/Time: 07-Jun-2018, 16:00 UTC

Venue: Robert 4.21



The era of live-broadcast is back but with two major changes. First, unlike traditional TV broadcasts, content is now streamed over the Internet enabling it to reach a wider audience. Second, due to various user-generated content platforms, it has become possible for anyone to get involved, streaming their own content to the world. This emerging trend of "going live" usually happens via social platforms, where users perform live social broadcasts predominantly from their mobile devices, allowing their friends (and the general public) to engage with the stream in real-time. In this talk, I will explore one such platform — Facebook Live. Via a one month global dataset, I will discuss the characteristics of live social broadcast and derive simple, yet effective, principles that can decrease the network burden. The work was recently published at the Web Conference (WWW) alongside Aravindh Raman and Nishanth Sastry. 




Gareth is a Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London. He likes to measure the usage of live systems and (ideally) propose innovations to streamline their operation. His work has received coverage from news outlets such as Washington Post, Slashdot, BBC, The Times, Wired, Science Daily, Ars Technica, and The Register. He was recently local chair for ACM IMC, andreceived the Outstanding Reviewer Award twice at ICWSM (2016 and 2018). His work was nominated for the Best Paper Award at the Web Conference 2018 (best paper in track), and his recent INFOCOM paper won the Best Presentation Award. 

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