Seminar: Private Information Retrieval with Sublinear Online Time

Speaker: Henry Corrigan-Gibbs

Date/Time: 28-May-2020, 16:00 UTC



ABSTRACT: We present the first protocols for private information retrieval that allow fast (sublinear-time) database lookups without increasing the server-side storage requirements. To achieve these efficiency goals, our protocols work in an offline/online model. In an offline phase, which takes place before the client has decided which database bit it wants to read, the client fetches a short string from the servers. In a subsequent online phase, the client can
privately retrieve its desired bit of the database by making a second query to the servers. By pushing the bulk of the server-side computation into the offline phase (which is independent of the client's query), our protocols allow the
online phase to complete very quickly -- in time sublinear in the size of the database. Finally, we prove that our protocols are optimal in terms of the trade-off they achieve between communication and running time.This talk is based on joint work with Dmitry Kogan (Stanford) that appeared at Eurocrypt 2020.


BIO: Henry Corrigan-Gibbs is a postdoc in Bryan Ford's Decentralized and Distributed Systems Lab at EPFL and earlier was a PhD student with Dan Boneh at Stanford. His research interests are in computer security, applied cryptography,
and online privacy. Henry and his collaborators have received the Best Young Researcher Paper Award Eurocrypt 2020, TCC 2019 and Eurocrypt 2018, the 2016 Caspar Bowden Award for Outstanding Research in Privacy Enhancing Technologies, and the 2015 IEEE Security and Privacy Distinguished Paper Award. Henry will join MIT CSAIL as an assistant professor in Fall 2020.

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