08.11.2016 12:10 Age: 3 yrs

Dr Murdoch Featured on BBC News about Digital Forensics and Biometrics

Dr Steven Murdoch was featured on two different BBC news articles regarding digital forensics. In the first article, Dr Murdoch was consulted on the feasibility of FBI reviewing 650,000 emails in 8 days. The key point, he said, was that reviewing does not necessarily mean reading, as automated techniques could significantly reduce the number of documents requiring the investigators' attention.

In the second article, Dr Murdoch commented on Voco, Adobe's photoshop analogue for voice data. Using the software, one can take a voice sample of a person uttering one phrase and synthesise a similar voice uttering another. While biometrics firms, who use voice prints for authentication, believe their software to be impervious to such forgeries, Dr Murdoch opined that testing is the only definitive way to evaluate their claims.

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