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UCL work on Bank Fraud T&Cs covered on the Register

The paper International Comparison of Bank Fraud Reimbursement: Customer Perceptions and Contractual Terms  was covered by an article on The Register. The paper compares the terms and conditions related to fraud across 30 banks in 35 countries, and was co-authored by researchers in the UCL Information Security Group: Ingolf Becker, Ruba Abu-Salma, Dr. Steven Murdoch, Prof. Angela Sasse and Dr. Gianluca Stringhini, joined by Dr. Alice Hutchings and Prof. Ross Anderson from the University of Cambridge and Nicholas Bohm from the Foundation for Information Policy Research.

Apart from discussing the differences in the terms and conditions themselves, the paper also examines the expectations of bank customers in different countries (UK, US, and Germany) regarding fraud, as well as their evaluation of the terms after having read them.

The paper will will be presented at the Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS), Berkeley, CA USA, 13–14 June 2016.


The Register article is available here.

A post on the Bentham's Gaze blog is available here.

The paper is available here.

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