Adam Beautement

PhD Student

Office: 6.07, Malet Place Engineering
Tel: +44 020 7679 0353
Fax: +44 020 7387 1397
Email: a.beautement [at]

Research Interests

Adam is currently working on the Trust Economics project. This project aims to integrate economic and user-orientated thinking into the design and maintenance of security systems. Adam's work is currently focused on identifying the trade off between confidentiality, availability, and integrity in the security needs of different organisations and applying economic theories of purchasing preference to the standard security model.



  1. Beautement,A., Coles,R., Griffin,J., Monahan,B., Pym,D., Sasse,M. A., Wonham,M. (2008). Modelling the Human and Technological Costs and Benefits of USB Memory Stick Security. Workshop on Economics in Information Security 200825-28 June, 2008, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA.
  2. Beautement, A., Sasse, M. A., Wonham, M. (2008) The Compliance Budget: Managing Security Behaviour in Organisations. New Security Paradigms Workshop 2008 22-25 September, 2008, Lake Tahoe, California, USA.

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Research Themes

  • Security Tradeoffs
  • Hidden costs
  • Formulation of security objectives

Research Projects

  • Trust Economics