Iacovos Kirlappos

PhD Student

UCL SECReT Doctoral Training Centre


Research Interests

I am working on improving information security implementations in large organisations by conducting field research.  Currently I am collaborating with two FTSE 100 companies and a non-profit organisation to create scientific methods that improve on current approaches in security policy formulation and communication, improve the usability of the implemented security mechanisms and improve employee security behaviour by implementing better security education.

 I am also looking into how security policies can be improved to allow for less interruptions in organisational workflows and how security systems and practices can be better aligned to help employees and the organisation to achieve business objectives.

In the past I have studied the effectiveness of anti-phishing tools and user education, and also the development of trust in online retailers. 







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6.07, Malet Place Engineering


+44 020 7679 0350


+44 020 7387 1397


i.kirlappos [at] cs.ucl.ac.uk


Research Themes

  • Information Security Management
  • Information Security Compliance
  • Security Economics
  • Security and Human Behaviour