Kat Krol

Honorary Research Associate at UCL

Research Interests

My work focuses on security and privacy behaviours, on the Web and in organisations. In my PhD research, I studied the role of effort, understood as cognitive and physical workload, on users' security and privacy behaviours – ranging from behaviour resulting from a conscious cost-benefit analysis to attitudes and habituation.

In addition to understanding users' choices, I aim at enabling them with a vivid interest in usable security and privacy. From laboratory and field experiments and observational studies, I deduce recommendations for improving the design of devices and systems, hoping to make them both more user-friendly and secure. The overall aim is to help individuals enhance their online privacy and security.

Thus far, I have conducted studies on security warnings, authentication, CAPTCHAs, instant messaging and information disclosure in Web forms.

I'm passionate about doing user research. I have conducted a range of different studies with around 6,760 participants combined – 1,000 in face-to-face laboratory sessions, 60 in interviews at companies and 5,700 on the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform.


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6.07, Malet Place Engineering


+44 020 7679 0350


+44 020 7387 1397


k.krol [at] cs.ucl.ac.uk


Research Themes

  • Usable security and privacy
  • Authentication
  • Warnings
  • Information disclosure (e.g., through Web forms)
  • Workload