Simon Parkin

Research Associate

Office: 6.07, Malet Place Engineering

Tel: +44 020 7679 0352

Fax: +44 020 7387 1397

Email: s.parkin [at]

Research Interests

Simon Parkin is a Senior Research Associate in the Human-Centred Security team, part of the Information Security Research Group at UCL. Recent work in the Productive Security project has included studies of employee security behaviours and security awareness initiatives in large organisations. Research has also looked at the usability of technologies including secure messaging apps and emerging authentication alternatives (such as face biometrics). Work continues towards developing effective security awareness strategies, as in the user-centred “Awareness is only the first step” business whitepaper co-authored with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Within the broader Research Institute in Science of Cyber Security (RISCS) community, Simon complements collaboration with larger organisations with examination of security management activities in small organisations and charities.

Simon also contributes to the Computer Science teaching programme at UCL, including People and Security and Research Group Projects that explore aspects of security usability.

Simon was previously a member of the Innovation Team at HP Enterprise Security Services until mid-2012. Following completion of his PhD at Newcastle University in 2007, he was a Research Associate on the inter-disciplinary Trust Economics project through to 2011. Simon’s Program Committee duties have included the SecOnt, USEC ’16 and STAST ’16 workshops.


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