Intelligent Interfaces


The Focus-Metaphor Approach is a novel concept for the design of adaptive and user-centric virtual environments which seeks to use a form of associativity to adapt the interface to the user whilst keeping one primary focus element and many secondary and peripheral focus elements.

Prior work on this approach - bachelor thesis and master thesis – has led to an upcoming full paper presentation at Interact 2005 Conference in September this year in Rome.

By building on the achievements so far, the research for my PhD shall embrace further theoretical investigations with the aim to realize concrete and promising scenarios.


It is the aim of the proposed project to apply the Focus-Metaphor Approach to the development of a large scale prototype. This online prototype will be a collaborative information environment using computer security as informational domain.

Over three years, the prototype environment as well as the general theory will run through an iterative development process conducting long term user studies and extensive in laboratory testing using eye-tracking equipment as well as physiological feedback to significantly improve the users’ experience of online information environments.


Conference papers

Sven Laqua, Nnamdi Ogbechie and M. Angela Sasse (2007) Contextualizing the Blogosphere: A Comparison of Traditional and Novel User Interfaces for the Web. Short Paper at HCI 2007, 3-7 Sept. 2007, Lancaster, UK. [bcs] [pdf]


Sven Laqua, Shane Udaraka Bandara and M. Angela Sasse (2007) GazeSpace: Eye Gaze Controlled Content Spaces. Short Paper at HCI 2007, 3-7 Sept. 2007, Lancaster, UK. [bcs] [pdf]


Sven Laqua, Gemini Patel and Angela M. Sasse (2006) Personalised Focus-Metaphor Interfaces: An Eye Tracking Study on User Confusion. Full Paper at Mensch und Computer 2006 , 3-6 September, Gelsenkirchen, Germany. (German Chapter of ACM)


Sven Laqua and Paul Brna (2005) The Focus-Metaphor Approach: A Novel Concept for the Design of Adaptive and User-Centric Interfaces. Full Paper in Proceedings of Interact 2005, 12-16 September, Rome. [pdf]


Workshop papers

Sven Laqua (2006) Social Construction of Personalisable Content Interfaces. Human-Centred Technology Postgraduate Workshop, 11-12 September, Brighton, UK.

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