M. Angela Sasse's list of research projects


Current Projects


  • TARGET - Transformative, Adaptive, Responsive and enGaging EnvironmenT - EU funded Large-Scale Integrated Project (IP)
  • PVNets Privacy Value Networks - EPSRC funded


Past Projects


  • Trust Economics
  • EEAP - Easy Expression of Authorisation Policies
  • KnowDis - Knowledge Discovery and Dissemination in Organizations (Collaborative Project with CA Labs of CA Technology)
  • HIGHERVIEW High-quality video over networks (funded by BT)
  • TACO - Teaching And Coursework Online (UCL Internal Project)
  • UNIC UNIversal satellite home Connection - EU Information Society Technology Framework Programme 6
  • INTERNET-2 Pricing Networks (with Jon Crowcroft) funded by UKERNA
  • Evaluation Taxonomy for Networked multimedia Applications - ETNA - EPSRC MNA project (with Anne Anderson & Jim Mullin, Glasgow University)
  • Multimedia Authoring for Language Tutors and Educational Development - MALTED - EU Telematics Project
  • Exploring Mental Models for Application in Networking and Telephony Environments - EMMANATE -EPSRC Project, with Sussex Univ. & BT Labs.
  • High-quality resilient video over existing networks HIGHVIEW - BT/JISC SuperJanet Applications Project with Essex University
  • Piloting IP Videoconferencing 2 - PIPVIC-2 - funded by UKERNA
  • Piloting IP Videoconferencing PIPVIC - funded by UKERNA
  • Remote Language Teaching over SuperJanet ReLaTe - JTAP Project with Exeter University
  • Shrinkwrapping Multicast Packages SHRIMP - funded by UKERNA
  • LAN-based Videoconferencing ALAVIT - funded by UKERNA
  • Multimedia European Research Conferencing MERCI - EU Telematics Project
  • Was Project Manager of the MICE (Multimedia Integrated Conferencing for Europe) Project.
  • Was Principal Investigator and Project Manager of the MICE National Support Centres MICE-NSCs

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M. Angela Sasse

Head of Information Security Research

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